Matt Kelson // Chaser of the Light // Storyteller

Matt Kelson Photography promises to deliver documentary style and fine art images for modern couples seeking natural and candid images. I have been traveling the globe for over 15 years being paid to capture moments, whether that be small moments that slip by unnoticed during the excitement of the day, as well as photographing those magical key moments. Every wedding is different but every wedding has the same high energy, love and anticipation throughout the day. I live for capturing these moments and emotions that make your wedding unforgettable.
Matt Kelson Photography represents distinction, integrity, luxury, and the satisfying assurance that you are getting the very best. The ability to tell the most exciting story of your life, to capture magical moments with the skill of a visual artist and the sensibility of a quiet observer. To show not just the dress or flowers, but life’s most revealing moments… To view my portfolio images, click here….

I absolutely love to capture all the wonderful moments and emotions that create a wedding.

I put my heart and soul into each event to create unique memories. Ultimately, these beautiful memories become heirlooms and are passed on from generation to generation. I can’t think of a greater responsibility. My images are punctuated by energized moments of bliss, capturing movement and intuitive light-working capabilities.

Most importantly, I love ‘love’ and love to document your connection with each other, and let my images tell your story…


“I go where the wave wishes to deliver me and you, my love, are the tide…” (T K Gregson)